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Series of 1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes | Value & Price Information

Values & Information for Series of 1902 Blue Seals

1902 Blue Seal Price Guide

rare paper money $10 blue seal

We Buy All 1902 Blue Seal Bank Notes


  • Printed By Thousands Of National Banks Between 1908 and 1928
  • Serial #1 Notes (as seen above) Are Especially Collectible
  • Notes From Small Towns Tend To Be More Valuable Than Big City Issues
  • Prices Range From Around $50 To Thousands Of Dollars
  • The 1902 Year Does Not Mean That The Note Was Printed In That Year
  • Issued for $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 Denominations¬†(see below for examples)

$5 Blue Seal Bank Notes

Five Dollar 1902 Blue Seals

rare paper money $5 blue seal
Five dollar blue seals are the lowest denomination from the set. Ben Harrison is on the front of each bill on the left hand side. If the number below Harrison is #1, then you can expect a nice premium for your note. All five dollar bills were printed on sheets of four. Some notes are very common and others are very rare. It all depends on the condition and bank of issue.

$10 Blue Seal Bank Notes

Ten Dollar 1902 Blue Seals

rare paper money $10 blue seal
The series of 1902 notes were designed just months after president William McKinley was assassinated. He was honored by being featured on the $10 bank note. This is the most common denomination from the 1902 blue seal set. Despite that, some notes can be very rare. Send us pictures of what you have and we would be happy to tell you what it is worth.

$20 Blue Seal Bank Notes

Twenty Dollar 1902 Blue Seals

rare paper money $20 blue seal
Hugh McCulloch is pictured on the left hand side of all series of 1902 $20 bank notes. He was instrumental in the original conception and implementation of the national banking era. As with any blue seal, $20 notes can be rare or they can be common. You just need to work with an expert to establish the value based on the condition and issuing bank.

$50 Blue Seal Bank Notes

Fifty Dollar 1902 Blue Seals

rare paper money $50 blue seal
John Sherman is on the front of all series of 1902 $50 blue seals. Unlike earlier fifty dollar national bank notes, the blue seal varieties are fairly common. They were mostly printed by big city banks by the thousands. Circulated examples can be bought for around $750. Notes from rare banks can still be worth thousands of dollars, but those are few and far between.

$100 Blue Seal Bank Notes

One Hundred Dollar 1902 Blue Seals

rare paper money $100 blue seal
Starting in March 1908 the United States began putting blue seals on all the series of 1902 notes. John Jay continued to be featured on the front of all $100 notes. Unlike red seals, $100 blue seals are actually quite attainable, and usually for under $1,000. However, the value is still based on condition, serial number, and bank of issue.

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