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Rare $10 1929 Type2 Bill from The Loudoun National Bank of Leesburg, VA

Bank Name:  The Loudoun National Bank of Leesburg

State:  VA – Virginia

Charter Number:  1738

Lifetime:  Operated 1870 to 1935 | Total Issue – $2,781,360

Series:  $10 – 1929 Type2 National Bank Note

Sheets Printed:  4,440

Value:  Call, Text, or Email For A Quote | Info@RareCurrency.com | 864-430-4020

Basic Design:

Rarity and Value:  There is no single 1929 small size note that is rare as a type. The value comes from the serial number and bank of issue. The majority of notes are worth between $40 and $400. That range can certainly go higher for truly rare examples. Notes that have the serial number 000001 are in demand. That is really the only advice we can give here. Just contact us directly with pictures of what you have and we can tell you exactly how much it is worth. It is worth noting that 1929 marks the first year that national bank notes were the same size as paper money is today. These are also the only nationals to feature a portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

Current Market Analysis:  There are a lot of rare national bank notes from Virginia. New discoveries are frequently made and that always helps the collector base stay hungry. Virginia probably peaked in terms of value in the early 2000’s, but the good stuff can still sell for plenty of money. Of course Virginia is one of the oldest and wealthiest states in the country, so plenty of first charter notes exist and they are not always prohibitively expensive. Most of those notes are from big cities like Richmond and Norfolk. Many collectors are looking for notes from smaller towns. Surprisingly, 1929 small size notes from Virginia are quite popular. Anything with rarity and eye appeal should find a good home quickly.

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We buy all antique paper money issued by The Loudoun National Bank of Leesburg, VA. We can tell you how much your $10 bill is worth. We aren’t just dealers. We are also collectors, experts, and appraisers. We have contributed to numerous price guides and are considered specialists in the field of national currency. Contact us via phone or email to get your free appraisal today.

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