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Rare $50 Territory Bill from The Deseret National Bank of Salt Lake City, UT

Bank Name:  The Deseret National Bank of Salt Lake City

State:  UT – Utah

Charter Number:  2059

Lifetime:  Operated 1872 to 1935 | Total Issue – $11,094,180

Series:  $50 – Original Series National Banknote

Sheets Printed:  800

Value:  Call, Text, or Email For A Quote | Info@RareCurrency.com | 864-430-4020

Basic Design:

Rarity and Value:  A total of nine national banks issued money like this. So far no survivors have been found. If you have one of these $50 bills then you definitely want to be the first to get it to market, as a financial reward awaits you. These are worth tens of thousands of dollars. The exact value is just based on the condition and bank of issue. Please contact us for details.

Current Market Analysis:  Utah only had eighteen different towns with national banks that issued currency. At least a couple of the towns are still unreported today. The market for Utah national bank notes is generally good, but you have to have something worth buying to capitalize on the strong market. Utah did not become a state until 1896. Anything issued while it was still a territory is certainly desirable. 1902 red seals are especially scarce from Utah. Some blue seals are fairly rare. We are specifically talking about Beaver City, Coalville, Delta, Layton, and Myton. If you are into Mormon history then you can collect by signors; some bankers were famous within the church. Brigham Young even signed some notes.

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We buy all antique paper money issued by The Deseret National Bank of Salt Lake City, UT. We can tell you how much your $50 bill is worth. We aren’t just dealers. We are also collectors, experts, and appraisers. We have contributed to numerous price guides and are considered specialists in the field of national currency. Contact us via phone or email to get your free appraisal today.

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