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Rare $500 Bill from The Peoples National Bank of Pittsburgh, PA

Bank Name:  The Peoples National Bank of Pittsburgh

State:  PA – Pennsylvania

Charter Number:  727

Lifetime:  Operated 1865 to 1921 | Total Issue – $16,550,580

Series:  $500 – Original Series National Banknote

Sheets Printed:  40

Value:  Call, Text, or Email For A Quote | Info@RareCurrency.com | 864-430-4020

Basic Design:

Rarity and Value:  This is one of the ultimate rarities in all of paper money. It is rare that we can talk about million dollar national bank notes. However, a fully intact example of a $500 national bank note should be worth around one million dollars or more based on the condition. Very few banks issued these bank notes. Notes like this that were issued were typically just held for cash on hand requirements and then destroyed. PLEASE contact us if you have one of these trophy items.

Current Market Analysis:  The market for national bank notes from Pennsylvania is as good as it have ever been. The only problem is that the market has never been that great. More than 1,000 banks in Pennsylvania issued national currency. No one really has the budget or motivation to collect every single note from the state. Most collectors tend to focus on a specific county or city. Notes from Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs have a close following, but most notes are plentiful. Some people really like Grange banks. All types of notes are so plentiful that you could focus on just brown backs or just red seals and still be able to assemble a diverse and interesting collection without spending a tremendous amount of money.

We Are Buyers!!!

We buy all antique paper money issued by The Peoples National Bank of Pittsburgh, PA. We can tell you how much your $500 bill is worth. We aren’t just dealers. We are also collectors, experts, and appraisers. We have contributed to numerous price guides and are considered specialists in the field of national currency. Contact us via phone or email to get your free appraisal today.

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